Busy day having fun with the winged ones

This young lady is our newest surprise and has sure made herself known, she is a Golden Comet hen. What makes that interesting is that she is a Hybrid chicken and they usually do not set on eggs. Well one day my husband went out to the coop and found her clucking and acting broody, and the next day she was protecting the eggs and setting on them. So he thought let see what se will do. So we set up a nice broody pen, and gave her some fertile eggs, a friend gave us to set on, since her eggs are the ones we sell. Well she went right to work. She never seemed to leave the next and 21 days later they were they 6 of the cutest little biddies you ever saw. Now that they are 2 weeks old we moved mom and her peeps to the chicken tractor so they can enjoy some grass and bugs. Mother hen and peeps seem to enjoy the bigger area.


Mother Hen sure does a good job calling her peeps over to the food. (above)


This is the chicken tractor the mother hen and her peeps are in they seem to enjoy the extra space. (above)


This old pool we bought at a yard sale for the pigs to swim in on hot summer days, well since the last of this years hogs are off to the fair I thought the ducks and goose would enjoy it. And they did. I enjoyed watching them and then this one jumped up on the side and paused as if to say “Ready or not here I come”!!

Busy day having fun with the winged ones

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