Pumpkin picking day

We found all sizes of pumpkins in the patch. The wheel barrow was saved from the scape pile; when the bucket broke away  from the bolts, I asked my husband if we could make a flat bed wheel barrow out of some scrapes of oak and old barn siding, we got from friends. And whaa laa a very useful and decorative looking wheel barrow. In fact he liked it so much that he put together a second one. After digging in the weeds, he produced another wheel barrow with a bad wheel and a bad bucket, so we used one of the wheels that I have used for decoration for several years,  then put together another platform. Now we have his and her matching wheel barrows.

100_2696These are some of my fresh from the field favorites, The tall one stands about 20″ and tipped the scale at 39 1/4 lbs.

And if you are wondering about the pumpkin I originally started taking pictures of, well… something ate it. We went down to pick the pumpkins and something had eaten about a third of it. I guess it tasted pretty good.


Pumpkin picking day

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