Christmas Time

Christmas is a fun time around the homestead. I decorated a “Forest of trees” this year, that’s 4 trees, which is one more than I decorated last year in the living room. My husband added another loop to the train track underneath the “forest” and I made another building.

4-D Grill on Train layout

The 4-D Grill is open for business! My husband is a wonderful cook, So I thought we needed something to honor his good cooking!!

Under the Christmas tree 2013

These are some of the buildings under the tree, starting on the left we have a farm house similar to ours, and a barn that we wish we had, a Christmas Tree Farmstand that might be fun to try some year. Then the church to help keep “Christ in Christmas”, our granddaughter likes to put all the cars and people over at the church. Next to the church is the General store, then the newly added 4-D Grill. You may have noticed the trolley’s on the track, we have better luck getting them to stay on the track when the grandkids run the controls, so we just use them all the time. In the first picture you can see a camper, my sister-in-law bought us, that is to represent the camper we used to take to the county fair every year, I moved it over by the tunnel to make room for the 4-D restaurant.



Christmas Time

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