Winter Days


“Red” (our cat) calmly sitting on the hose bracket………. Now that’s a well-balanced cat!

Alex & the ducksAahhh fresh greens, hey give me that, save me some!!  You could almost hear them discussing who should eat which piece.

100_2861Let’s get the last blades of grass before the snow comes!  ……After moving this guy and girls down to the lower pasture they quickly started munching on the last bit of green.

Missy winter 2014

Missy, Missy, Missy, it is -6 degrees and you are shedding your coat!!!   Well that’s one way to make sure we bring you in tonight! (Missy will be 10 this year) This is our one and only pedigree, all the other dogs we have or have had, have been rescues. Missy is a very lovable and well-trained dog. When we first got her our youngest daughter (who was 9)and I took her to obedience training almost every week for 2 years. Which means Missy rides in the car very well. My daughter did it as an elective for homeschooling. First she did basic obedience ,than advanced, agility 1 & 2, then finally Canine Good Citizen classes, which Missy passed with no problem till we got to the part were my daughter had to leave the room for 3 minutes while a stranger held her leash. This was taught in case you had to go to the restroom while you were visiting somewhere. Well, be a herding dog, Missy did not understand why she couldn’t go round her up. She did finally understood that it was OK and passed the test. I would recommend all children take classes with their dog, it gives them a good understanding of how to communicate with their dog because as our trainer told us on the first class “Dogs don’t know “English” and that’s what we are here to teach them.” Our daughter has another dog and it understands English, also.

Grooming Missy has always been more my job. Since we first brought Missy home we trained her to stand and always played with her feet. After a week or so we started brushing her on the grooming table or in our case the dryer. When you brush a collie you are supposed to brush their fur from back to front. That makes them look a lot fuller. You are to trim their legs part way up and keep their paws trimmed so they look nice and round. While I am at I always trim her nails.  I make sure I trim the fur from the bottom of her feet, this helps to keep her feet from becoming packed with snow. And even though she is not happy about it she stands and even turns the other way when asked. Collies require a lot of grooming and look beautiful when brushed regularly.  If you are not comfortable doing it find a good groomer that can do a good trimming for you every couple of months but for the most part a regular brushing should keep them looking beautiful.


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