For the winter I keep a Geranium in the house. I enjoy seeing the green plant sitting in my kitchen in the winter it brings me hope that spring will soon be back and I will soon be able to see the garden and enjoy the beautiful colors summer brings.


In about a month I will start cutting from them to help fill the flower beds. I will bring more info on that when the time comes.(It’s hard to be patient.)

Some of the other things I am doing to prepare for the spring is buying seeds and planning the flower gardens around the yard. My husband plans the vegetable gardens, I help him with planting and weeding. I planted a lot of herbs in the front yard last year and it looked nice but too green. So this year my hopes are for a “Flower Garden with a Touch of Flavor” (Herbs).

I want to incorporate birdhouses into my flower gardens since I make bird-houses from gourds I grew and from wood scrapes I get from a friend. See my Homemade Crafts page to see how this Whimsical Birdhouse is made.


A good portion of the flowers I plant are from local greenhouses, I can’t resist going to them and I like to support the local independent greenhouses. Our greenhouse is usually full of vegetable plants and since the flowers seem to take longer we grow only a few from seed.

Winter is a good time to go thru all the gardening books again or look for new ways to do things. Always fun to try new things.

Only 50 days till Spring.


Geraniums and Birdhouses

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