Whimsical Gourd Birdhouse

Whimsical Gourd Bird House

Bird house gourds are a lot of fun to decorate and here is how I decorated this one.

Tools: Drill, 2 inch hole drill bit, 3/8 inch drill bit, sandpaper 220 grit, long-handled metal spoon or screwdriver, paint brush, hot glue gun, wood burning tool, dust mask

Supplies: 1 Cleaned and dried large bird house gourd (you should be able to hear the seeds rattling inside), Shellac, disposable gloves, Large pinecones, hot glue, 12″ piece of wire

Birdhouse Gourds

Step 1: Sand the gourd to make the surface smooth

Step 2: Drill the 2″ hole on the lower side you like best, make sure you wear your dust mask, “Safety first”.

Step 3: Clean out the seeds, but don’t throw them away because bird house gourd seeds are an heirloom seed and if planted will come out true year after year. (Happy planting:)

Gourd seeds

Step 4: Shellac the outside of the gourd(let the birds decorate the inside)Then let dry

Step 5: While the shellac is drying cut the scales off the central axis of the pinecones.

Step 6: When the shellac is dry sand the gourd with 220 sandpaper and wipe clean.

Step 7: Drill a hole thru the top of the gourd for the hanger. Place the wire thru the hole and twist ends together. Drill 3 or 4 more holes around the lower part of the roof section (below the roof line)for air holes. The birds will Thank you.

Step 8: Start with the bottom row of shingles and go all the way around, then start the next row by of setting them from the first row. Making sure you overlap the last row.

Pinecone roof

Continue making rows to the top, make sure that the wire hanger is able to be in the upright position.

Step 9: I used a wood burning tool to decorate, don’t forget to wear your dust mask.

Step 10: Apply 1 or 2 more coats of shellac.

Now stand back and admire your work, well done. The birds will love it!!


Whimsical Birdhouse

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