Chicken Moving day

In the fall of last year my husband purchased some Silkie Chickens and had them in a temporary pen till a larger more comfortable pen was renovated to suit there needs. (It used to be a rabbit shed) Now, we moved the Silkies to the new coop. They seemed to like it and didn’t even mind when we reintroduced a hen that went broody in late fall. But they weren’t so sure about her youngster. It’s the Lavender one in the back. When the hen went broody my husband stuck a couple Guinea eggs under her and one hatched. But we haven’t told the little one that she isn’t a Chicken. It’s fun to hear her reply to the roosters crow with her “Buckwheat, Buckwheat”.


This guy decided I was more interesting than the Guinea.

Well at least till the flash went off.

We are planning for the new peeps already. My husband wants to start raising a Heritage breed that will be good for meat as well as eggs, so far he has narrowed it done to 2 kinds the Delaware or the White Wyandotte. We hope to breed them and let the Silkies hatch the eggs. It is always fun to have peeps around and it is even more fun to watch the hens raise their own, even if they don’t look like them. Chickens are a wonderful addition to the homestead, in more ways than one.


Chicken Moving day

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