Thru the woods with the dogs

The day the snow started here in southwestern PA we decided to take the dog on a winter walk.


Missy and Sci

We first went down the road and around the corner. Which is easier said then done, well my collies were easy it was the hound that was out of control with excitement. She had my husband going in circles and then she jumped like a deer over the guide rail. After my husband got in front of the collies she seemed to do better.



( Sorry the picture is dark but note the sky and clouds I didn’t at the time, more later)

Once we got into the woods we let them loose. After we climbed the hill some, my husband called them back to give them a treat (deer jerky).


We found they follow better when they know we have jerky. It was good exercise climbing the hill then heading down over the other side.


Made it to the top, What a view!!

 I even found some green along the way.


Pretty, just don’t know what it is.


Wow, I have to remember this tree, I have many projects I can use moss in!!

Willows nose led her astray, but she was back in no time. (I think she remembered the jerky) Just as we were getting to the bottom of the hill it started to snow (remember the clouds, that must have been a front moving in) And snow ( 7″ ) has been on the ground since. With the bitter cold and snow, we haven’t been able to get out again. But I know we will, because there is a tree full of moss calling my name and 3 dogs that enjoy the run.



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