A sign of spring!!

Our garden seeds came in the mail today, it is a beautiful site! It brings much hope that spring is near. Now if we could just get the snow to melt and the ground to thaw.
We purchased some different seeds to try this year. We bought pole beans, they should bring some dimension to the garden. Some of the other different seeds we purchased are Lima Beans and Carrots.

We purchased our seeds from “Pinetree Garden Seeds” www.superseeds.com  We have ordered through them for years and always have had good results with the seeds.

We have some seeds that we saved from last year. These are favorite Heirloom seeds: Birdhouse gourds, Connecticut Field pumpkin, Corno Di Toro green pepper, Oakleaf lettuce and Waltham Butternut squash. We have already tried sprouting some of the seed to make sure they are good for this year. We are ready and set now we have to wait for the weather to say “GO”.

A sign of spring!!

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