Chickens hopeful Spring is here.

This little Game Rooster (who would rather hang out with the ducks and Alex the goose then the other chickens) is ready for spring, judging by how he keeps standing on one foot or the other.



We found this Silkie girl setting on eggs already. We hope she is able to keep them warm thru the next few nights. The temperature is to go below 0 degrees at night. She started setting on the eggs on February 25 and we are hopeful that they hatch around the 18th of March.

We have had a long snowy and cold winter and I am sure looking forward to Spring. Here are a few things that help me through the last couples days of winter. We have placed our order for the peeps and can’t wait for the arrival on April 2. We went with Heritage breeds in hopes that we will be able to have a dual purpose bird that will breed true for years to come. We settled on the Delaware because they sound like a good breed for brown eggs and meat. We also purchased Black Minorca’s ( the roosters stand so proud and tall )for the white egg production. We have had them in the past and really enjoyed their gentle nature. Since I love geese and we have had them from time to time we decided to get back into them with a beautiful and hopefully more calm breed the American Buff. We already have 15 Cornish rock peeps ( for peep pictures click here: Broiler Chickens ) that are growing well. Our goal is to be able to produce our own new stock of chickens every year with only an occasional purchase to bring in a new blood line.


This was another nice surprise, our first baby pigeons of the year. I call this guy (yes, the Dads sit on the nests during the day and the moms get the night shift) Soldier Boy, because when he is out on the roof he stands so tall and marches back and forth.


I have to admit baby pigeons (Squabs) are lacking in the cute department. But when these little guys or girls grow up they will be Roller pigeons and when they fly and do their somersaults in the air they are awesome.

Spring is always an exciting time of year around the homestead, can’t wait to see what happens next.


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