4 AM Chaos

On a bright night with a full moon and clear skies, we were woken by our hound dog, Willow, barking frantically! So, my husband got up to see what was going on. He looked out the living room window, towards Willows kennel and saw a white glowing object. He himself wondered what it was, then it moved! It was a rabbit! One of our daughters rabbits. This particular rabbit is promised to a young 4H’er for her fair project. So my husband ran to get our daughter up and they headed outside . (In PJ’s and boots) They were first greeted by Alex the goose, who proceeds to sound off and let everyone in the valley know that we are up, At 4 am.

They head towards the kennel and the rabbit is nowhere to be found. So my husband decides to let Willow loose to see if she would lead them in the right direction. He opens the gate and Willow charges towards the rabbit barn, which is about 150 feet away and then circles around and runs right back to them. They thought, that rabbit couldn’t have made it back to the barn that fast. But, they started that direction any way. They didn’t get very far when they heard a commotion behind them, when they turned around they saw Alex the goose on top of Willow, beating her with his wings. Poor Willow was just laying there not moving, probably wondering what she did to deserve this! ( We are guessing Alex was protecting Dan and Heather) So they turned and ran back, my husband grabs Alex and Heather runs to open Willows kennel and call her. Well, once Alex was off of Willow she ran back to her kennel, no calling required. Alex just walked away like nothing had happened.

So they headed back to the rabbit barn and as they go in the barn there’s the rabbit. They said she was fairly easy to catch. They secured her into a new cage and went back to check on Willow. Willow was fine and they headed back to the house. It was only 20 degrees and they were in their PJ’s, so they were cold and tired. But it was a beautiful moon lit night to be chasing rabbits and geese and dogs, OH MY!!



3 thoughts on “4 AM Chaos

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  2. oh my gosh, what a funny story. That would totally be us in the middle of the night, LOL!
    Hey, thanks for sharing on the Homestead Blog Hop. I hope we see more from you today!! Pinning this. Thanks.

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