A walk with Dad.

Did you ever notice that sometimes the simple things make the best memories? Well, A walk with my Dad was just that. We got up with the sun and headed to the park.

When I was young, my Dad would take my siblings and I on Nature walks, it was a way for my Mom to have a little break from us 4 kids and gave my Dad some much needed quality time with us. He would take us on hikes through the woods, we would find all kind of crawling things and walk across logs that were laying across shallow gulley’s. (I may have been scared but he always convinced me that I could do it.) So now that my parents live in Las Vegas, Nevada, you know the town known for the bright lights and gambling, well we found a new place to walk and I always look forward to it. Not far from them is a place called the Wetlands Park”.


The park is, what I call, a manmade Oasis in the middle of the desert and is something to see. My Dad and I usually spend at least a couple of hours strolling through the 210 acre park, with its many winding trails ( some paved, some red dirt) and abundant wildlife. In fact we usually loose all track of time and my Mom ends up calling, wondering if we are lost. I am usually looking at the birds and at the ponds. My Dad is always on the look out for lizards or snakes. We even saw Coyote scat a couple of times. Kind of exciting, the thought that a coyote was in the area. And we always have a camera. We go early in the morning because it gets hot, fast out there. We where our hats and sunglasses and enjoy the scenery and get some exercise, not to mention fresh air and tan.

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When we were done admiring the beauty of the wetlands, we stopped at the Wetlands Nature Center. It is only about 2 years old and is a wonderful place to learn about the animals and birds in the area. They have many interactive things to do and plenty to learn about. Kids of all ages will and do enjoy it. We sure did.

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I am so glad that we have found a place to go on walks, together again.


My favorite shadow!

Not to sound like a commercial but, If you are ever out in Las Vegas and want to get away from the bright lights and traffic and enjoy some quality time with someone special, or want something the whole family can enjoy, I would recommend you stop by the Clark County Wetlands Park. They are open dawn to dusk and it is only about 20 minutes from the “Strip” and it is free! Check them out at: wetlands@clarkcountynv.gov

Happy trails to you!


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