A Walk Around the yard!

My husband and I love walking around our yard and seeing how things are growing (or not) and talking about what we will do next. I always enjoy my flowers

and even watching the bees. We encourage Mason Bees to come to our yard by putting out cans filled with straws and they always seem to find them. Mason Bees are just as good as honey bees and they are a bit friendlier, well as friendly as a bee can be.

My Grandson and I hung some new Bluebird houses that I made. No takers yet, but hopefully the bluebirds find them.

Grandson Nathan hanging Bluebird house

Grandson Nathan hanging Bluebird house

We love looking at the things growing in the greenhouse, His peppers are doing good, my flowers on the other hand, not so well. But my husband found a good deal on one of my favorite flowers, Snapdragons and at $5 a flat I will enjoy them. We are also starting some rhubarb. We have many Rhubarb plants now. But we wanted to try a new type. If you like rhubarb, as much as we do, I would recommend it, it is easy to grow and freezes well. We have found rhubarb likes evening shade. MMM almost Rhubarb pie time, can’t wait.

I am working on a new flower bed, it is a lot of work to cut out the sod. I have found a few muscles that I have neglected over the winter, but I do a little each day and maybe I will have it done….. before Memorial Day, since we get frost up until then anyhow. I use the sod to feed to the peeps and hens, they love the treat and the older hens try to take dust bathes in the dirt left from the sod after they are done with their snack.

We always enjoy walking around together and talking, dreaming (and maybe pulling a weed) nothing like quality time in your yard.


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