First set of Ducklings!!

It is always exciting to see the little ones, whether it is ducklings or peeps. These little guys are the first ducklings we have had in several years. Their mom ( a Muscovy duck) had to sit on those eggs for 35 days(28 days most other ducks), wow, and what a nice nest she made. (Looks more comfy then my couch!)


She did come off the nest once a day to grab a bite to eat and maybe a drink, but she was quick to get back to them. Towards the end of the setting period she did not get up, so we set a small bowl of water and a handful of feed for her in the house she chose for her nest. Then one day we heard them. She was talking to them and they were answering her. We blocked her and the ducklings in so they could get to know each other before venturing out to the outside world.DSCF0604

Seven cuties, at least for the first couple of days. Something seems to have taken one of them, I hope it is not the fox we have heard about.


Momma taking a head count

We have raised different kinds of ducks through the years and always seem to come back to the Muscovy breed, they seem to be pretty self-sufficient and easy to raise. Have you ever raised ducks?? If so what kind??


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