Tractor for the woods!!

We have lived on our homestead for 29 years and always have wanted to get the wood from the top of our property but never had the resources to do so. Well, after years of raising kids and now being empty nesters we have decided it was time for some changes. Then we had a few of our trees logged out and that made it more important then ever to find a means of getting to the top of our hill. We needed something that would be powerful enough to bring the “tops” down to the bottom where the house is. Since we heat our home primarily with wood, you can read more about that in Woodstove = Exercise. So we started looking at our options.

A farm truck was our first thought, what fun would that be 4 wheeling through the woods but then we realized they aren’t cheap and most of them had to many problems to make them at all reliable. So we thought quad, we do have one that a neighbor gave us before he passed away, but it is only a 4×2 and probably would not be able to move the large tree branches. So we looked at the new quads… WOOW, pricey and there again we couldn’t find a used one that didn’t have issues. Then my husband started talking about the tractors he used to drive on the farm when he was a teenager. So, he started looking on line and there it was a 1945 Farmall A, mostly restored and in good running order. And the best thing, it was in our price range. Once we looked at it we were hooked. We even got the guy we bought it off of, to deliver it.

Farmall A

Farmall A

My husband is so pleased, that he starts it everyday. We do need to find some attachments to make just like he wants and needs, but it should pull all the tree tops down the hill. Maybe we will take it on the township poker run, just for fun.

Ohh, and my husband even convinced me that I needed to try driving it and I’ll have to admit, it was fun.

What kind of tractor do you own or dream of owning??


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