Peeps in glass houses

Every Spring we get a batch of Cornish X Rocks peeps to fill the freezer. And every spring my electric bill, you guessd it, goes  through the roof. Running all the brooder light bulbs 24/7 can really hurt the budget. Then I saw an article in a Mother Earth News Magazine that had a creative idea that a family did while raising their peeps, well that got me thinking. Why not set up the brooder in the greenhouse. With a little convincing, my husband fixed the brooder area under the potting bench (that is not in use yet) and plugged in the lights. Added some wood shavings and peeps…..So far so good, the peeps seem to love the sunlight and we are able to turn the light out for a few hours a day.

greenhouse peeps

Now, don’t panic, we do monitor the temperature in the green house and the peeps are only going to be in there until they get their feathers and the weather warms up then they will get to be in the chicken tractor on the green grass, catching bugs and running around, enjoying the outside air.

peeps inside greenhouse

It is always fun when a plan works. Happy peeps and a lower electric bill, Yeahh!

What creative ways do you raise peeps??

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