Lets talk Spinach

I know “Spinach??”, it is one of the first things to come up in the garden and I love to see things growing again.

1) The reason why it is the first thing in my garden? Because, it is a cool weather crop, so if you live in the northeast, as we do, you could possibly start to grow it now. We have some coming up in the garden, already.

2) The tender first leaves look like grass. When I first saw it coming up I thought what did we plant?? You can eat these little blades, but we usually wait for the second batch of leaves.


3) The leaves can handle a light frost, so don’t worry if it got colder then the weather forecast predicted. …….they won’t even know it frosted.

4) Some spinach seeds are Heirloom seeds, so you can let a couple of your best growing plants go to seed. There is one Heirloom variety called Strawberry Spinach that gets a type of red fruit on them that puts a little pop of color in your salad. If you decide to save the seeds, leave the plant dye and dry naturally outside for as long as possible then bring them in and when they are dry, store them in locking bags and here’s a tip, throw one of those gel packs (you know the ones you get in a new pair of shoes) into the bag it will help to keep the seeds nice and dry.

5) And best of all they are loaded with Vitamin A, C, K, (just to name a few) which in a 4 oz. serving is about 20% of your DV, which is a lot of leaves.

6) The spinach below was over wintered in a raised bed covered with a hoop of plastic to keep the heavy snow off of it. It stays dormant all winter, even at -13 degrees. Then as the March days warm up, the spinach under the hoop comes back to life.


So, go ahead try it in you garden this year and you will be putting it in you salad or smoothie before you know it. Then let the spinach work it’s magic, for your body. ENJOY?

Are you a Spinach Fan, like me?


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