Guest room make-over for under $275

Since we became empty-nesters we decided to make over the 3rd bedroom in to a guest room.Desk & chairThe wicker desk I bought at an auction for $1.00. It had no top and was dirty. After a good cleaning, I made the top of the desk out of scrap 1″x 10″ pine boards. We have a friend that gets us scrap lumber from his place of work. What made the top even easier was that I had 4 boards all the same size. So with just a little sanding (OK a lot of sanding) they were ready for Shellac. I used Shellac because I did this project in the winter and Shellac doesn’t smell up the house like other clear coats. You still want to make sure you have good ventilation.

The chair is a folding chair that is quite comfortable, and I got it at an auction a few years ago for $.75. I painted it with some of the left over trim paint and made a cushion for the seat. For the cushion I used 2 fat quarters that cost $.99 each. The cover has a pocket on the back so I can remove the cover for washing.

The tray with the candles on it is an old metal picture frame (yard sale find $.25) I spray painted white. We bought a couple new blankets and I used some old hand made quilts, we had, to cover the beds. The curtains were made out of old white tablecloths, I got for free.  All total our out of pocket cost was about $270, (paint and primer eat up about $225). So far our guests have enjoyed the fresh new accommodations.


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