10 more Reasons for wearing a Hat

After watching my husband out of the window, I felt compelled to write this article.

1) Swatting annoying insects

2) Fanning yourself when it’s hot

3) Flagging down a neighbor

4) An egg basket (this one could get messy)

5) Shooing the chickens  back into their coop

6) To scare away stray cats on the porch

7) Waving Hi or Good-bye

8) Smacking the behind of a horse for a faster ride

9) Throwing at your dog to keep him from getting on the picnic table, for the hot dogs

And last but my favorite

10) For Fanning the smoke detector when you forget to open the damper on the wood stove before you open the door.

What uses have you found for your hat?

2 thoughts on “10 more Reasons for wearing a Hat

  1. Very cute post! Thanks for joining the Homestead Blog Hop! (But just so you know, the link you had on the Hop went to a page not found. Not a problem, just thought you should know!)

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