Geraniums love being cut,

Well that is if you are careful and plant them properly.

Every fall I dig up the best looking geranium clean up the roots a little and plant it in a pot to bring in the house for the winter. They do really well in the house and even bloom from time to time. But as hard as it is to do, you should cut off the blooms. Through the winter you want the plant to work on creating a bushy healthy plant. (OK, maybe just one flower, to remind you that spring is coming) Make sure you fertilize your plant, every 3 weeks or so.

About the picture below: the planter on the left has the plant (top) I took cuttings from, the right is the cuttings.

Just planted cuttings

Just planted cuttings

I wait (as hard as it is) until April to start my cuttings.  If you have a warm draft free house you could probably start them inside. I usually start them in our greenhouse. You want to find a planter and fill it with about half sand and half soil. Now hear’s the hard part, you have to cut off pieces, of that beautiful plant, that are about 4″ long with a couple of small leaves on it. The leaves aren’t really necessary but they help you know how the cutting is doing. If there some larger leaves on it, you can just pinch them off. Now take your cutting and push it straight down into the pot you have prepared and that has been thoroughly watered. Make sure the pot is kept evenly moist. In about a month you should have a nice root ball on the end of the cutting hiding under the soil. You can transplant it into a larger pot or directly into the ground after any danger of frost has passed. Give them a drink of fertilizer every week or two and you will have beautiful blooms, to enjoy, all summer.

Healthy cutting

A healthy cutting

Don’t forget to bring your favorite one in this Fall. Happy cutting!

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