Pumpkins Week#3

These little guys

Planting Day

Planting Day

are getting

Pumpkins week #2

Pumpkins week #2

Sooo big

Pumpkins week #3

Pumpkins week #3

We space them far apart to make sure they have plenty room to roam and so we can till between them, a couple times, for weed control. Oh, and don’t worry about the one in the back, we had a wind storm blow threw just before I took the picture and flipped over some of the leaves. I give them a gallon of (rain) water every day it doesn’t rain.

Are you growing Pumpkins? How are they doing? We would love to here.

Have a great weekend everybody!


2 thoughts on “Pumpkins Week#3

    • The only pest control we use is food grade “Diatomaceous Earth”. It basically dehydrates the bugs. It is a white powder and is applied by dusting the plant and by mixing some in the dirt when you plant. So far we have not rotated are pumpkin patch but are considering moving it to larger area next year. I hope this helps. We get the Diatomaceous from http://www.safeDE.com

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