Tiny Vegetable Stand

We have all heard about the Tiny home movement, well that inspired me to make a “Tiny Vegetable Stand”. We have sold some produce from the house for a couple of years now. We usually had a cardboard box sitting on a tray table. (Not good if it is left out in the rain) This year I decided to bring it up a notch. Introducing the “Tiny Vegetable Stand”…

Tiny Vegetable Stand

Tiny Vegetable Stand

Measuring out at 12″ x 15″ and perched on a flat bed wheel barrow we created from barn wood and a base of an old wheel barrow. I took an old apple crate turned it on it’s side, next I took an old piece of plywood big enough to hang over the side of the crate about 3″, all the way around.  I covered it with a piece of vinyl and couldn’t resist making a scalloped front edge.

We use the honor system, so the cup is for those who stop to purchase while we are not home or for the newspaper delivery people at 3:30 am. The beans and tomatoes are the next thing we will be selling and when fall comes we can place small pumpkins and gourds in the crate and larger pumpkins around it. We can also easily move it to cut the grass or store it for the winter in an outbuilding.

We don’t make much money selling produce but all the money is set aside and used for buying next years seed and supplies we will need for the growing season. The vegetables basically pay for themselves and fill our pantry and freezer. Not bad for a little more then one square foot.

Cat sleeping in Tiny Vegetable Stand

Cat sleeping in Tiny Vegetable Stand

Watch Cat on Duty, Protecting the produce from non paying birds.

Do you sell produce??  Do you have a favorite Vegetable Stand you like to visit? We would love to here about it.

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