A vistor in the pumpkin patch

I went out to water the sugar pumpkins and much to my surprise this little critter poked his head out of the ground.


Toad in sugar pumpkin patch

Toad hiding in the pumpkins

Toad hiding in the pumpkins, looks like he could use some sunglasses.

I was so glad it was picture day and had my camera with me. It was so cute the way he shook his head to shake off the water. Notice his but is still buried in the cool dirt in between the plants. I installed a tripod and I hope the pumpkins try to climb.

Sugar Pumpkin Patch Tripod

Sugar Pumpkin Patch Tripod

Pumpkins 4 weeks

Pumpkins 4 weeks

Over in the big pumpkin patch, the pumpkins are beginning to reach out, some even look like they are reaching for each other. It has been so hot and dry lately they seem to be enjoying me watering them every day. We have 6 rain barrels that we collect water in.

Pumpkins reaching out to one another

Pumpkins reaching out to one another

Hopefully the flowers will begin to form soon. Have a great weekend everybody. Happy Gardening


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