Pumpkins are flowering!!!


Male Flowers

The Pumpkins are flowering, Yayyyy. There are usually a lot of male flowers at first then the females come on. But this year I already have a couple of females starting.


Female Flower

Soo exciting, seeing those little green balls. Not to mention how beautiful the yellowish orange flowers are. I have seen where people cook them, I haven’t tried that, yet.

Taking over the patch

Taking over the patch

They are really spreading out, we have had to redirect some off the vines back into the patch. They don’t need to venture out just yet.

Sugar Pumpkins on Trellis

Sugar Pumpkins on Trellis

The Sugar pumpkins over by the greenhouse don’t have to big of an area, so I gently tied some of the vines of the sugar pumpkins to the trellis so they have a little more room to grow. I also gently un-twisted some of the tendrils and carefully re-twisted them back around the string. Crazy, I know. The Fairy Tale pumpkins aren’t doing so well. I planted them next to the house and I think the afternoon and evening sun is really cooking them. They seem to wilt during the day and perk back up at night. Note to self: don’t plant pumpkins next to house. I learn something new every year.

Have a great weekend everybody!!


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