We have Bluebirds…

in our Purple Martin House!?

Male Bluebird

Male Bluebird

Bluebirds are a great addition to any homestead and we are glad to have them.

Heading in with dinner

Heading in with dinner

Bluebirds are bug eating machines, they can help rid the garden of insects.

Just looking

Just looking

The male Bluebird is the one that finds the nest and even decorates it a little with nesting items in hopes to attract a female. I guess this guy picked the right spot. Now of course, she will come and finish making the nest and does all the incubating of the eggs.

We sure had fun watching them go in and out with different kinds of bugs. They had everything from what looked like caterpillars to cicadas.

The male seemed to be suspicious of us sitting and watching them. So in return he would sit and watch us.



When the eggs hatched the female had no problem, zoomin’ right into the hole with her meal for the little ones. I thought it was late in the year for them to be nesting but they typically have more than one successful brood a year. The babies hatched and we could hear them in the nest, but we never saw them. They have moved on now.

We were so happy to of had them and hope they enjoyed their new home enough to come back, again.

Do you have any Bluebirds in your area?

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