The pumpkins and the start of the Fall/Winter Garden

Well the pumpkins didn’t miss me while I was away, they just kept on growing.


Sugar pumpkins


Tip: when trying to get the perfect pumpkin picture, wear long pants. Pumpkin leaves are very scratchy.


Nice Shape

No pumpkins on the Fairy tale pumpkins plants….. I guess I will have to pick a better spot next year.

We, I should say my husband, got the raised bed ready for the fall season. After cleaning out the summer crops, he added some peat moss and some well rotted manure. Stirred it all up, watered it real well and planted 3 kinds of lettuce, Red sails, Little Gem and Black Seeded Simpson. At the other end he planted a bed of spinach. He is still going to plant more spinach in another bed, but that was enough for one day, since the manure is up on the hill and has to be carried down in 5 gallon buckets.


We will cover them with hoops and plastic when it starts to get colder, to help make them last longer into the winter.

Have a great weekend everybody!  Are you planting a winter garden?? If so, what is your favorite winter crop?

Check out what these people plant in their fall garden:

Old World Garden Farms         Wild Strawberry Ranch


8 thoughts on “The pumpkins and the start of the Fall/Winter Garden

  1. Nice photos and your raised bed looks so tidy! I let a volunteer pumpkin grow in the middle of my garder, not sure what kind of squash it would be and how enormous it would become! It took over much space that I would rather have planted with produce to preserve for winter, and I’m sure it contributed to powdery mildew on chard that it over shadowed. So now I’m cutting off new vines, even with softball sized pumpkins on them, and letting the 3 big original ones develop. I hope to make space for fall greens and beets.

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