Pumpkins and Spinach


Sugar Pumpkin

Sugar pumpkins are getting big.


Pumpkin patch starting to wilt

Even watering them will only keep them going for so long, we really need rain.

biggest pumpkin so far

biggest pumpkin so far

The spinach and lettuces are coming up. I hope this heat wave cools down before they decide it’s to hot.



We had to put netting over top of the spinach and lettuce because the birds thought we planted a salad bar just for them.

We are going to relax by the fire pit tonight and head to the Renaissance Festival Sunday, with our Grandchildren. What are you doing to relax?

We hope everyone has a relaxing holiday weekend.


3 thoughts on “Pumpkins and Spinach

  1. The pumpkins look great! It has turned cool here. Lisa is bothering me to put on a fire. I’ve told her no fires in the fireplace before November. It is all done in jest! Have a wonderful holiday weekend and enjoy those grandkids! Take care.

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