Update about us

Just thought I would take a minute to say Hi to all my new followers and even the ones that have followed us from the beginning(Thank you, all). My Husband and I live on 3.5 acres and enjoy growing our own food. We do so many different things around here and are always improving the place we live, trust me the drafty old farm house (that we love) needs it. We don’t make a lot of money, so we are always looking for ways to save some green. Some of are favorite things to do are growing vegetables and cooking out on the grill or open fire. My husband is a wonderful cook and I do the baking.

Raising chickens is something we have done for almost 30 years and probably will always be a part of our lives. One of our most viewed post was about the chickens we raise(click here to view).   My favorite thing to grow is pumpkins and I enjoy sharing their progress (or not) with you each Friday.

We are almost always found on Friday nights sitting by the fire pit enjoying time alone or time with family and friends. Well at least during the summer, in the winter we are found inside playing pool in the evenings or maybe a game (our favorite is catch phrase)when the kids come to visit. When you work hard, it is best to take time to play. At least that is the way we think it should be.

What would you like to know more about? More about the chickens, gardening, canning or….. Please leave us a comment, we love to here from you. We will even mention you if it becomes a post in the future.

Thank you everybody for following along and have a great day.


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