Through the window


For this assignment in my writing class,Writing 101, Day 4- A Story in a single image, We had to choose from a group of pictures. This picture of a window immediately caught my eye. I have always been drawn to windows, I guess my curiosity of what might be on the other side gets the best of me.

As a child I remember looking out the little rectangular window in the front door and watching the world go bye.

The cars would speed past the yard, and occasional rabbit would venture though or the neighbors dog would bounce though when he slipped though the fence.

Even today looking out my two large kitchen windows I enjoy the view;

Watching the geese in the pasture or the chickens chasing bugs.

Enjoying the blueberries in bloom or witnessing them turn red in the fall.

Observing the first snowfall of the year or the blizzard of the century.

Looking through a window is a journey for the senses that is ever changing.

Have you looked out a window today? What was the first thing that made you smile?


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