Well the carrots are done.

Just when I thought I wouldn’t have anything to take pictures of, my husband pulled the carrots…..we grow these short orange beauties called “Danver Half Longs” because we grow them in raised beds.



Since I have been battling lumbar problems and can barely get around some days. My wonderful husband is busy, as usual, tending to the garden and doing the end of year clean up and pulling the carrots was a nice reward.

I had a few good days and we cleaned out a path so we could take the quad up the hill to gather wood, or if I am having trouble walking.

I love wandering around in the woods listening to the trees and the rustle of leaves, it smells so good and the sites  are ever changing.


Quad trail

We used the hoops that we cover the winter garden with and covered them with mesh so the deer won’t be able to dine on the lettuce, spinach and kale. They will soon be covered to protect them from the snow.


Lettuce, Spinach and Kale

I eat Spinach for breakfast in a smoothie and the kale and lettuce in a salad with carrots among other vegetables, for lunch.

We got a cookbook called 50 Shades of Kale as a Christmas gift, that has some great recipes. Over at Palliser Pass they enjoy Kale chips.

What do you do with carrots, spinach and or kale??

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5 thoughts on “Well the carrots are done.

  1. Those look like wonderful carrots! And your lettuce looks great – how long will it last into winter? We have been eating kale with everything. Tonight we had it in spaghetti sauce. Thank you for the mention. Sure hope your back is feeling better soon. Take care. Bob

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