Ode to the old Oak

The trees grow tall on our hill, some seem to go up 40 feet or more, before the first branch. This beauty is an Oak the biggest one on our land. old oak tree

The canopy is wide and dense. It’s base is broad and strong.

The bark was rough and even and gentle to the touch.

It was a wonderful place to escape too and enjoy the shade.

Whether you are young or old there is something about wondering around in the woods that is always exciting.

Nate & Natie 10-2014

Grandchildren sitting under the OAK

A man came to the door one day

and said he would be logging the land next to us, would we mind if he looked at our trees?

Our wood lot is deep with leaves and free of brush.

The man choose 43 trees and one was the old Oak.

We walked up to see if we wanted to go through with the logging.

The old oak did have some dead branches at the top and the ash trees would soon fall victim to the “Emerald Ash Borer” that is killing trees in our area.

Some may not like logging but there is a need for wood.

They did an efficient job removing the trees and now we have an abundant amount of firewood to keep us warm.

It may have changed the landscape but not the beauty.



The oak was estimated at being 110 years old, it may be gone now but there are plenty of young ones to take its place.

Losing those few trees created more light for the young trees to grow for the next generation. Now that’s a good thing!


4 thoughts on “Ode to the old Oak

  1. Hi Lynn. Love the photo of your grandkids! Him with his rifle and her with her attitude! Those are all lovely trees. There is nothing wrong with selective logging. Keep a couple big blocks for later, in case the weather turns bitter. Take care. Bob

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