Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween Everybody!!


Pumpkins 2015

My husband brought the pumpkins (that weren’t rotting, bad year) in so they could warm up next to the fire. It makes carving them easier on the hands.

Ready to carve

Ready to carve

I love the safe carving tools they have now, they cut better and I don’t have to worry about running to the hospital in the middle of carving one.

So, Do you cut out the top or the bottom???

Carved pumpkins 2015

Carved pumpkins 2015

Since I didn’t have any help this year and the crop was low, I only did 3. We have done as many as 12 before, with the help of the kids.

What is the most your family has done?

Lit with glow sticks

Lit with glow sticks

I made one for fun (left), one to make you smile( middle), and one in honor of the one Lucy drew on the back of Charlie Browns Head from The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown movie. I went with the safe route and lit them with a glow stick.

Carving Pumpkins is the only thing we do related to Halloween. We usually just decorate for Fall. Now when it comes to Christmas…..

Do you cut the top or the bottom?? I like to cut the bottom makes it easier to light them and you don’t have to worry about the lid falling in.

What is the most Pumpkins you have carved as a family?? I have seen some awesome displays.

Have a safe day.


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