A drive through the “Big Valley in Pennsylvania”

My Husband drove us through the “Big Valley” in Pennsylvania. We love to take drives and explore different areas and this was a beautiful place.

Sun coming up

Sun coming up

We started out before the sun came up. It was about 2 1/2 hours before we got to the valley.

Fall leaves in Juniata County PA

Fall leaves in Juniata County PA

My husband pulled over so I could take picture along the way, beautiful stream.




You know you are up early when you come across the diary cows coming out of the barn after milking time.

dairy cow

dairy cow

more Dairy cows

more Dairy cows


Lots of Dairy cows

They found me just as interesting as I found them. Sorry if the pictures aren’t that good but I was being blinded by the sun and just hung the camera out the window and hoped for the best and don’t forget I am in a moving truck.

The area was beautiful and full of Amish farms.





The area was unspoiled by commercialism. Yep, that’s right no McDonalds or Walmart with in 45 minutes, best we could calculate. We actually drove for about 2 hours around the area and saw nothing but Mom and Pop type stores, it was great to see and visit those stores. Good thing we packed a lunch. We stopped at an Amish house and bought doughnuts, mmmm they were great and fresh!


Notice the boy sitting in the cab

Wood pile

Wood pile

My husband couldn’t over the size of this wood pile.

It was a perfect fall day for a ride. But it is always nice to come home.


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