5 things that don’t mind the frost.

It was a chilly windy day but I enjoyed walking around the yard and looking for anything that survived the frost(s).



1) This (volunteer) Chamomile with its fine fern like leaves looks so delicate next to the stone and wood steps on the side of our front porch but it is still standing tall and looking like I need to trim and dry a piece. I will enjoy a cup tea with it, some night when my mind is not ready for sleep.



2)This beautiful ivy all silvery white and trimmed in green held fast to its flower through the cold fall night. I don’t know its name but it doesn’t care it always puts on a display for me even on the gloomiest winter days.



3)Parsley such a pretty green and what a wonderful flavor. My entrée’s and soup enjoy our company, along with my palette.



4)So tiny a flower this Alyssum has, yet still so tough. The white clusters of flowers remind me of snow balls and whats to come…brrrr!

Kale And Lily (our sheep)

Kale And Lily (our sheep)

5)The kale is tall and getting tough but the soup will soften it enough.

Lily the sheep is everyone’s favorite she loves you to come visit and run your fingers through the lanolin in her wool.

I hope you enjoyed walking with me, now I have to go get out the dehydrator.

Have a great weekend everybody!!

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