Gone to the birds



I was watching this fellow pecking at the gravel

A little peck here a little peck there

Maybe he’s needing some grit or maybe he’s finding what is left from walnut’s that have been crushed by the passing cars.


bird house

The baby bird’s are gone for the season and now the house swings empty.

We’ll take down the houses and clean them out

So next year maybe a wren will want to nest there again

The babies are so much fun to listen to when mom-ma gets close

How they tweet back and forth and pop their heads out and boast

Baby birds

Baby birds

Maybe I’ll make more bird houses to add to the fun and music in the yard.

All the birds are beneficial but my favorite are the blue bird.

Their bright blue feathers are the most beautiful to me.

Just looking

Just looking

I was glad the Purple Martins didn’t mind them using their house this year and I hope they come back next year.

We have a lot of crows in our valley and at first I thought they were just pests, they squawk and cry so loud and so often.

Then one day one of our black Silkie chickens was attacked by a hawk and a crow swooped down and attacked the hawk.

The chicken could not be saved but I have a different opinion of the crows now, they are welcome. I have heard that they guard their area and I guess he is guarding our flock, too.

The snow will fly soon and I will start to fill the feeders again.

They are so fun to watch through the window.


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7 thoughts on “Gone to the birds

  1. Oh my goodness. That shot of the babies with their mouths open just made me smile. How precious.
    So glad that you will be enjoying birds through the winter.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful outdoor post on The Maple Hill Hop this week!

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