Wall or Floor Pumpkin decoration

Fall is here and as you can tell by my one of my last posts, I like my pumpkins and this year I have been making some different ones out of wood. I am usually able to get 1″ x 10 ” scraps from a friend of ours, so I used that for this next project but you could use plywood. First thing I did was to draw a pumpkin shape


pumpkin drawing

Then cut out the shape with a band saw. Don’t forget safety first, wear your safety glasses.


shape cut, check

I used my table saw for the next step setting the gate at 2″ and cut the pumpkin shape into 2″ wide strips. Lightly sand each strip.


2 ” wide stripes

Now your pumpkin is going to need a stem. I used an Apple branch, cut the top at an angle (on the band saw) then drill a hole in the center top of the cut out pumpkin and sand down the bottom of the branch to fit in the hole. I used a piece larger than the hole but you can use any size you think looks good.


Attach a piece of wood to the back of the cut, making sure you evenly space each piece before nailing.


glue and nail board in the center, glue in stem.

Lightly dry brush with orange paint and add some leaves if you want


Finished Pumpkin


Check out these pumpkins made out of shirts : No sew shirt sleeve pumpkins

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