Woodstove = Exercise

With the weather turning colder and not too much going on around the homestead. So, I thought I would jump on the Flashback Friday Band wagon. Here’s one I posted way back in January 2014. I hope you enjoy.

If you are one of those people who have made a new years resolution to get more exercise,  I would like to recommend a wood stove  or maybe two like we have. Yes, we have two and they are the primary source of heat.

wood stove 2014

I don’t know if we are crazy or cheap, but we can heat this big old farmhouse for nothing more than a couple of tanks full of gasoline (not that, that is cheap). In the summer we are usually so busy gardening and gathering wood, etc. that we don’t always get the wood cut and split. But that’s okay as long as we have enough too cut and split we are happy. And that is also our winter exercise. Since we typically use about 6 cords of wood a year, here is a typical day of exercise or how we keep the home fires burning.

First thing when we get up we start fires in the wood stoves, hopefully there is some hot coals left for an easy start. Then make coffee, or tea for me, then back to see if the fires are going good. Then out to get wood off the porch to refill the boxes by the wood stoves for the day. That requires several trips back and forth from the front of the house to the back of the house. Now its breakfast time, and animal feeding time. Back in to check the stoves. Then we do some of those fun (?) household chores, and maybe work on the blog………………………..sorry, had to go downstairs to feed the stoves. Then about once a week we head outside for our “wood” exercise. Cut and split, load the wheel barrow, now push and stack, cut and split, load the wheel barrow, now push and stack, repeat.


Now I will admit that I do not always help with the outside “wood” exercise, because I am a little like a bear in the winter. I hide in my den (craft room)where it’s warm, (warm!!, wait I better go fill the wood stoves), and not unlike a bear I might get  grumpy if you make me go out in the cold. But anyway, so, as you can see having 2 wood stoves can keep you moving. Back and forth, up and down, now bend and lift, push and stack, repeat…..But we woodn’t have it any other way.

Stay warm and have a great weekend, everyone!!


3 thoughts on “Woodstove = Exercise

  1. Hi Lynn! There is an old saying, ‘firewood warms you three times; when you cut it, when you split it and when you burn it.’ You have a great weekend too! Bob

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