DIY Mason Bee Houses- Update

I thought I would update you on how the Mason bee houses did.

They did well, many holes are filled.

Mason Bees filled the holes

Mason Bees filled the holes

The wood houses look a lot better than the old metal can.

Last years can, no vacancy

Last years can, no vacancy

Mason Bees are a good substitute for honey bees, they will enjoy pollinating your fruits and vegetables. Since they do not have honey and a queen to guard they are not aggressive and you won’t even know they are around. We have been inviting Mason Bees to set up their nests around our house for several years. In past years we have had old soup cans full of straws for them to nest in, but this year we have made new houses and we hope they will enjoy them.

This is an easy DIY project.

Mason Bee House

Mason Bee House

Supplies needed:

1 – 3″x3″x12″ untreated for nests

1 – 6″ x 15″ for back

1 – 5″ x 6″ for roof (wood, bark or tin)

1 long 5/16″ drill bit

screws and/or nails

1 scrap piece of peg board

1) Cut your 3 x 3 flat on the one end and at a 45 degree angle on the other

2) Clamp the peg board to the top of the 3×3 and drill out the holes, you must go all the way through

3) Screw the back to the 3 x 3, You will want to screw it on so in a couple of years you can take the back off to clean out the holes

4) Screw or nail the roof on

Now all you have to do is find a place under some shelter but with plenty of room for them to fly in and out.

Mason Bees are not aggressive, unless you try to squish or step on one. Don’t be afraid to put them under a porch roof like we did. The are very active in the spring once they have filled the nests they don’t hang around.

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