Since I celebrated my 100th post I thought I would repost my first one, I hope you enjoy the flashback.

This is the first spring for the greenhouse. We built it late last summer. It is built out of mostly reclaimed lumber and free tempered glass storm door windows, we found on the internet. It is 8′ x 12′ and we lined the floor with plastic and filled it in with free mulch from a landscaping company that cut down a tree, down the road from us.Image

We grew cucumbers in the corner. It was quite successful…. and mmm the cuc’s tasted so sweet and flavorful. We also started 7 varieties of tomatoes, 2 varieties of eggplants, cabbage, cauliflower, cucumber, zucchini and many herbs. We started using all heirloom seeds this year in the hopes that we can save the seeds for next year. I also started cuttings from a geranium and the new plants are just as pretty as the plant I cut them from. We also started 3 zucchini plants in large planters and have already picked our first zucchini. What a wonderful addition to our salads.

Since there is no heat in the greenhouse we found that a couple of kerosene lanterns worked on the chilly nights but if it was to get below 25 degrees we brought them in the house.

The greenhouse is still a very useful place in our yard.



greenhouse 2014

Greenhouse 2014

We have found other purposes for the greenhouse, you should check out what else is growing!

Have a Great Weekend every one!!


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