Family Tradition, passed down

I come from a long line of people who like to sew. My grandmother made quilt’s, I even have 2 of the last quilt tops she made not to mention a stack of squares ready to be assembled. Quilting is an art I have not mastered, maybe someday. My mother made clothes, I remember in one of my school pictures I was wearing an outfit she made, I loved it!

My youngest liked sewing for a little while but grew out of it, I guess you could say.

Then one day our granddaughter was over and I showed her my embroidery machine. She loved watching it sew all by itself. We finished the needle work into a small pillow. She loved it so much that she took it to school for show and tell (or whatever they call it now days). The next time she came over she asked if we could sew something, time wouldn’t allow, but I told we would someday.

That day came on Saturday. She came for a sleep over and the next morning after a breakfast of homemade blueberry muffins. (She usually wants pancakes so muffins were a nice change.) I did the dishes then headed upstairs to do some sewing. She was so excited. I surprised her with some light green and white checkered flannel and told her we were going to make a night gown.


Sew Happy!!

We ironed the fabric ( it’s nice that the ironing board can go down to her height), laid out the pattern (learning how to pin) and “finally” (granddaughter talking there)I got to cut  the pieces out.

DSCF1507 (2)

Pocket Bow

I let her pick out a design for the pocket and she choose a bow made with green thread of course. She got to push the buttons and make it run. I did some of the more detailed sewing but when it came time she got to sew both side seams, the arms and the hem on the bottom. What a fun day we had. (I wish I had taken more pictures but I was enjoying the moment to much.)

Lovin' her gown

Lovin’ her gown


4 thoughts on “Family Tradition, passed down

  1. Aww how sweet that you are taking the time to teach your granddaughter a family tradition! You are making such sweet memories! I wish I had somebody to teach me how to sew!!

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