Two Picture Tuesday 3/8/16

Happy Tuesday Everyone,

Here are some fun pics from the Trail Cam, (What a fun Christmas gift)




That’s not my Dog!

Have a great Day!!




5 thoughts on “Two Picture Tuesday 3/8/16

  1. Looks like a coyote. Do you have them there? Also, wanted to tell you, we are still eating the red sauerkraut, made and canned using your instructions. It is fantastic (I had my doubts while it was fermenting). Down to the last few jars so the rationing has begun. All the best from Lisa and I to you and Dan.

    • It’s a Coyote. They had to be standing right in front of the camera. We have a lot of them. They have been getting closer all the time. The trail cam is just above our pasture fence, in the woods,scarry!
      Glad you enjoyed the sauerkraut. Take care,Lynn

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