A Drive Around the counrtyside

We went for a ride through Maryland and West Virginia for our 30th Anniversary. I can’t remember ever being in Maryland and it was beautiful. Now, West Virginia I have been through many times. But my Husband always manages to find a new road with plenty of scenery.

We stopped at Coopers Rock, WV but it was not open for the season.

Our next point was to see Deep Creek, Maryland.


Deep Creek, MD

It is a beautiful Lake…


Deep Creek, MD #2

My husband stopped on a bridge so I could hang out the window to take this picture. He is such a sport.


Deep Creek,MD #3

The Lake was beautiful, yet still slightly frozen. The area is quite a tourist attraction in the summer and the side of this lake will be crowded with docks and people, judging by the number of large and small cabins and houses. The docks are all stacked up on the side of the lake. (Not photo worthy) We did find a really big candy store/farmers market. They sold everything by the pound, all kinds of different goodies. We bought lots of candy for the grandkids for Easter.

Maryland was beautiful but we had to head back through WV and wowww the views…


Rt. 50 in WV

This must be awesome in the Fall.


RT 50, 9% grade for 9 miles


The roads are quite interesting, and almost to steep…


RT 50, 9% grade with Hair pin turns


This was a very interesting lot of machinery.


In the middle of no where…


It sure was a beautiful late winter day for a drive. We found some great Antique stores.(sorry no pictures, when I see an antique store I forget about the camera).

Do you take long rides, just to see the area around you? If so what was your favorite? (so far)

Bye for now, Dan and Lynn


4 thoughts on “A Drive Around the counrtyside

  1. Thanks for the photos. Looks like wonderful country. it would have been cool to walk through the antique stores. I bet there are some real finds. Lisa and I will be celebrating our 30th in September. More than likely we will be doing something similar. Bob

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