6 Things to do Before you buy Peeps

Now that Spring is here, it is time to think about adding something new to the homestead. Spring has always meant it was time for Peeps. In fact I don’t know if I can remember more then 1 or 2 years that we didn’t have them. If you are considering trying a few this year, here are a few pointers.

We order ours from a small hatchery ( we like to support the little guy) and you have to order a minimum of 25. If you get them from a farm store normally they require you purchase a minimum of 6. That way they have a buddy to cuddle up to. However you get them it is best to be ready for them, they need to be kept warm, dry and safe. So here are some things we do to get ready for those little yellow, black, brown cuties.

  1. Brooder: This is what the peeps will live in for the first few weeks. A large box or tote will work. Ours is built out of wood and is in the corner of our shed. It has to be large enough so each chick has about 6 square inches for the first week.  It also needs enough room so the Brooder light is on one side and the feeder and water is on the other side. It should also have some type of cover preferably a screen to keep any thing from falling in, or the cats from jumping in, etc. It will also let in plenty of air circulation. If needed you can cover the screens to keep the heat in if it seems to cold.
  2. Bedding: We like to use wood shavings for bedding. They seem to stay drier on the shavings and it helps to keep the odor to a minimum. The shavings will need to be changed frequently, depending on how many chicks you have. Chicks do create a lot of dust.
  3. Heat/ Light: A Heat lamp from your local farm store is all you need. This will supply Heat and light. You will need to leave this on 24/7. They need to be kept warm until they are fully feathered.
  4. Waterer: You can buy a red round plastic attachment for a mason jar or one that is larger and includes the container. You can find these at your local farm store.
  5. Feeder: The kind we use is long and sectioned off. They are sold in plastic and metal. at your local farm store.
  6. Feed: you will need to buy a feed that is specially designed for chicks. It is called “Chick starter”.

Brooder all ready to go.

Now that you have some idea what you are getting into. Make your list and get those chicks. Enjoy!!

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9 thoughts on “6 Things to do Before you buy Peeps

  1. This is really great information! We hope to get chicks sometime in the near future. Probably next spring, since we already have a lot of projects going on this spring! But I can’t wait!!

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