How to Care For & Understand your Peeps

Peeps are always fun to have, but you have to play Mother Hen. And believe it or not they do have a few ways of communicating with you.

First lets go through what you need to do to help the Peeps get acclimated.

When you first bring them home, you have to introduce them to their surroundings. You will take each of your peeps and gently dip their beaks into the water.


Showing Peep the water

Then you will take and show them the food. You only have to do this once, enough of them will remember and the rest will follow. You must also keep chic starter (food)and clean water in the brooder for them at all times.

They will naturally be drawn to the heat when they need it.


Peeps laying under the Heat Lamp

So now you are probably wondering how they communicate.

The first way would be if they are cold, they will huddle together under the light, restlessly and slightly noisy. So with that said, the second way they communicate is, if they are hot they will be as far away from that light as possible.

If you see the peeps laying peacefully in different spots in the Brooder, then the temperature is just right and they are happy.:)


Peeps at Feeder

If you hear a really loud peeping then something is wrong with a peep. He may be just being laid on by another peep, or it could be in distress (never a good thing). So always check the brooder to see what is going on when one is screaming.

Peeps are a lot of fun to watch grow and a great project for kids. There is always that chance that one will die but if you understand that going in, then it may not be so hard to handle.

We bought these peeps at a local farm store. They are approximately a week old. They would probably find the water by themselves but why chance it. If you get day old peeps they have to be shown the water because you are the Mother Hen and they don’t know what to do.

Tip: avoid buying the runt or littlest one of the bunch. They usually don’t make it.

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10 thoughts on “How to Care For & Understand your Peeps

  1. Great tips! I miss our peeps and our hens. We moved last year and have not settled into a new place that allows for backyard chickens yet, so I find myself visiting the farm store and the tiny peeps. It helps a little bit even if I can’t get some of my own right now. Happy farming!

  2. Wow! The are a good bit of work! I honestly know very little of chickens but this was a great insight! Thank you for sharing.

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