Two Picture Tuesday 3/22

Happy Tuesday Everyone,

Here are some signs of Spring around the Homestead.



See you next week! Lynn


Happy First (full) day of Spring

Even though it is the Spring it seems winter wants to still hang on, well I guess it is still March. We have had some bad blizzards in March. It is always fun walking around the yard to see what is popping up. My Daffodils are starting bloom, usually they are later then most, living in the bottoms of the valley makes us the last one to thaw. Continue reading

Two Country Picture Tuesday 11/24

Happy Tuesday,

We have 2 cats and they are really hard to tell apart. This guy kept following me around the yard, so I started following him(camera in hand).


“Red”, I know so original!


Another use for the pile of wood, check out those claws!!

See you next week!!  Happy Thanksgiving! I will be taking some time off to visit with my out of town guests. Lynn

Family Tradition, passed down

I come from a long line of people who like to sew. My grandmother made quilt’s, I even have 2 of the last quilt tops she made not to mention a stack of squares ready to be assembled. Quilting is an art I have not mastered, maybe someday. My mother made clothes, I remember in one of my school pictures I was wearing an outfit she made, I loved it! Continue reading

A milestone

The milestone was last week when I published my 100th post, finally.

Yayy !!   (100th Post)

Thanks everyone for following along and for your support.

After seeing that I had published 100 posts, I took a stroll down memory lane, won’t you join me?

It was interesting to see how many views and likes each post received. Some got more views than I thought and some that I really liked didn’t do as well as I thought.

The post that got the most views in one day was “Our Colorful Flock“. If you want to see our chickens that is the place to go. Our colorful flock came in second in the all time views, that honor belongs too, “Homemade Mini Apple Pies”. These tasty little pies are really everyone’s favorite.

Easy Blackberry Pie came in third and coming in fourth was ” Boom and the power goes out”, that one surprised me but I hope it is helpful to those who read it. It’s time to Ferment came in fifth. Don’t forget to check out part Ferment part 2.

Our Front Porch post did the best in the like department, stop on over and see why our front porch is so welcoming.

I remember being so excited when 5 Steps to Growing Pumpkins was my first post to be featured on a Blog Hop. I really enjoy all the different posts on the Blog Hops, you should check them out.

A Walk with Dad was a sleeper but one that has a special place in my heart and a lot of great pictures.  And finally my Husband doesn’t understand why the Easy Lemon Pie didn’t get more likes because that is his favorite.

Well thanks for following along with me while I wonder down memory lane. I hope your blogging experience is a great one.

                  Take care until next time, Lynn.



Woodstove = Exercise

With the weather turning colder and not too much going on around the homestead. So, I thought I would jump on the Flashback Friday Band wagon. Here’s one I posted way back in January 2014. I hope you enjoy.

If you are one of those people who have made a new years resolution to get more exercise,  I would like to recommend a wood stove  or maybe two like we have. Yes, we have two and they are the primary source of heat.

wood stove 2014

Continue reading