Young pumpkins

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Monochromatic.”


Sugar pumpkins


Hanging pumpkins

I love the color green, I guess because I like to watch things grow.


Through the window


For this assignment in my writing class,Writing 101, Day 4- A Story in a single image, We had to choose from a group of pictures. This picture of a window immediately caught my eye. I have always been drawn to windows, I guess my curiosity of what might be on the other side gets the best of me. Continue reading

Plane flights can be interesting, maybe.

I may not be the most experienced flyer but I seem to be in a plane 1 to 2 times a year. Flying is no different to me then riding in a car. Yes, take off is a little faster, OK a lot faster and landing can be more like the driver slamming on the brakes because a deer jumped out in front of you while your going 200 mph. With that said, the one big difference between flying and riding in a car is who is sitting next to you.

On airplanes you do not always get to pick who is sitting next to you. The airline that I usually fly allows you to pick your seat so that can help. But since I tend to fly alone, there is always a stranger sitting next to me, some times on both sides. The “middle seat” is not the best seat.

I find the middle seat to be uncomfortable, tight and you never know which armrest to use or are they both yours(?), not. Most of the time sitting in the middle I have found leads to no conversation. I am not sure why. The seat  tends to be a bet snug if the people on either side are a bit bigger than the seat can accommodate and people could end up leaning on you. One time while sitting in the middle seat, the young lady sitting next to the window, pulled out a snack of some natural kind of green dip that smelled terrible, but she said it tasted great. Peeuuu!!

I seem to end up in more conversations if I pick a window or aisle seat. I have had mostly nice experiences with the people next to me. And if I need a break from the endless chatter I pretend to fall asleep, which often leads to  me really falling asleep. The isle seat is also best if you need a bathroom break, you don’t have to wake anybody up or make them fold up the tray or just plain annoy them.

A nice neighbor makes for a nice ride.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Middle Seat.”