DIY Mason Bee Houses- Update

I thought I would update you on how the Mason bee houses did.

They did well, many holes are filled. Continue reading


Wall or Floor Pumpkin decoration

Fall is here and as you can tell by my one of my last posts, I like my pumpkins and this year I have been making some different ones out of wood. I am usually able to get 1″ x 10 ” scraps from a friend of ours, so I used that for this next project but you could use plywood. First thing I did was to draw a pumpkin shape


pumpkin drawing

Then cut out the shape with a band saw. Don’t forget safety first, wear your safety glasses. Continue reading

Pumpkin Decorations

Well since the pumpkin season outside is coming to an end, it is time to make some homemade pumpkins that will brighten up any shelf.  After digging around my wood shop, I found an old handrail and thought of pumpkins. Strange, I know but I once thought of Santa when I looked at a piece of bark but I will save that one for Christmas. So gather up some sticks for the stems on the pumpkins, some orange paint and a drill (I love my drill, believe it or not I got for my birthday) and let the fun begin.
The first thing I did was cut the railing in pieces ranging from 1 1/2 to 3 inches in length.


Wooden hand railing cut into pieces

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Tiny Vegetable Stand

We have all heard about the Tiny home movement, well that inspired me to make a “Tiny Vegetable Stand”. We have sold some produce from the house for a couple of years now. We usually had a cardboard box sitting on a tray table. (Not good if it is left out in the rain) This year I decided to bring it up a notch. Introducing the “Tiny Vegetable Stand”…

Tiny Vegetable Stand

Tiny Vegetable Stand

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It’s time to ferment…

Cabbage that is. Sauerkraut has been around for hundreds of years and my husband is making sure the art of making it doesn’t die in our family, at least not yet. He really likes that stringy sour cabbage, me on the other hand not so much. I have tried our homemade kraut and it is better tasting than the stuff out of a can and it smells better when it is cooking, too. So here’s how we make it. Continue reading

Guest room make-over for under $275

Since we became empty-nesters we decided to make over the 3rd bedroom in to a guest room.Desk & chairThe wicker desk I bought at an auction for $1.00. It had no top and was dirty. After a good cleaning, I made the top of the desk out of scrap 1″x 10″ pine boards. We have a friend that gets us scrap lumber from his place of work. What made the top even easier was that I had 4 boards all the same size. So with just a little sanding (OK a lot of sanding) they were ready for Shellac. I used Shellac because I did this project in the winter and Shellac doesn’t smell up the house like other clear coats. You still want to make sure you have good ventilation.

The chair is a folding chair that is quite comfortable, and I got it at an auction a few years ago for $.75. I painted it with some of the left over trim paint and made a cushion for the seat. For the cushion I used 2 fat quarters that cost $.99 each. The cover has a pocket on the back so I can remove the cover for washing.

The tray with the candles on it is an old metal picture frame (yard sale find $.25) I spray painted white. We bought a couple new blankets and I used some old hand made quilts, we had, to cover the beds. The curtains were made out of old white tablecloths, I got for free.  All total our out of pocket cost was about $270, (paint and primer eat up about $225). So far our guests have enjoyed the fresh new accommodations.

DIY Mason Bee Houses

Mason Bees are a good substitute for honey bees, they will enjoy pollinating your fruits and vegetables. Since they do not have honey and a queen to guard they are not aggressive and you won’t even know they are around. We have been inviting Mason Bees to set up their nests around our house for several years. In past years we have had old soup cans full of straws for them to nest in, but this year we have made new houses and we hope they will enjoy them.

This is an easy DIY project.

Mason Bee House

Mason Bee House

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Nieghbors Trash = My Treasure

It is hard to believe what people throw away. And its fun repurposing their trash. This is the story of what I did with my most recent find.


Here it is fresh out of the garbage.


Here is what I added to it:

Thin branches (I found last fall and brought in just incase I needed them), twine, hot glue gun and moss, just not what is pictured, I will use the real moss I found on our walk in the woods (Pictured in Thru-the-woods-with-the-dogs) The first thing I did was clean some of the dirt off the frame, I did leave some of the dirt on the mirror part because this is going to be hung outside and that way the sun won’t reflect off of it too much and it makes it look older. (there was a $39.99 price tag on it)

Then I took and broke the branches into the right lengths to fit the mirror shelf. (I like breaking them for the rough look) Hot Glue one of the long pieces across the front of the shelf. Next, take one of the short pieces and hot glue it to the each of the top sides of the shelf and the side of the mirror. (pictured below)


Glue a long one across the front , then the sides again. I kept repeating this process until I got the depth and look I wanted. I went 5 high. Then I cut the twine into about 4 foot lengths and weaved it from the bottom up through the twigs going in and out, then over the top to the other side and weaved my way back down and then repeated this on all 4 corners.


Now I haven’t been able to get the moss due to the constant rain and ice we have so you will have to stay tuned for the finished picture in an up coming blog. But here it is, so far.

DSCF0031Happy Repurposing!!