Since I celebrated my 100th post I thought I would repost my first one, I hope you enjoy the flashback.

This is the first spring for the greenhouse. We built it late last summer. It is built out of mostly reclaimed lumber and free tempered glass storm door windows, we found on the internet. It is 8′ x 12′ and we lined the floor with plastic and filled it in with free mulch from a landscaping company that cut down a tree, down the road from us.Image

We grew cucumbers in the corner. It was quite successful…. and mmm the cuc’s tasted so sweet and flavorful. We also started 7 varieties of tomatoes, 2 varieties of eggplants, cabbage, cauliflower, cucumber, zucchini and many herbs. We started using all heirloom seeds this year in the hopes that we can save the seeds for next year. I also started cuttings from a geranium and the new plants are just as pretty as the plant I cut them from. We also started 3 zucchini plants in large planters and have already picked our first zucchini. What a wonderful addition to our salads.

Since there is no heat in the greenhouse we found that a couple of kerosene lanterns worked on the chilly nights but if it was to get below 25 degrees we brought them in the house.

The greenhouse is still a very useful place in our yard.



greenhouse 2014

Greenhouse 2014

We have found other purposes for the greenhouse, you should check out what else is growing!

Have a Great Weekend every one!!


Geraniums love being cut,

Well that is if you are careful and plant them properly.

Every fall I dig up the best looking geranium clean up the roots a little and plant it in a pot to bring in the house for the winter. They do really well in the house and even bloom from time to time. But as hard as it is to do, you should cut off the blooms. Through the winter you want the plant to work on creating a bushy healthy plant. (OK, maybe just one flower, to remind you that spring is coming) Make sure you fertilize your plant, every 3 weeks or so.

About the picture below: the planter on the left has the plant (top) I took cuttings from, the right is the cuttings.

Just planted cuttings

Just planted cuttings

I wait (as hard as it is) until April to start my cuttings. Continue reading

Peeps in glass houses

Every Spring we get a batch of Cornish X Rocks peeps to fill the freezer. And every spring my electric bill, you guessd it, goes  through the roof. Running all the brooder light bulbs 24/7 can really hurt the budget. Then I saw an article in a Mother Earth News Magazine that had a creative idea that a family did while raising their peeps, well that got me thinking. Why not set up the brooder in the greenhouse. With a little convincing, my husband fixed the brooder area under the potting bench (that is not in use yet) and plugged in the lights. Added some wood shavings and peeps…..So far so good, the peeps seem to love the sunlight and we are able to turn the light out for a few hours a day.

greenhouse peeps

Now, don’t panic, we do monitor the temperature in the green house and the peeps are only going to be in there until they get their feathers and the weather warms up then they will get to be in the chicken tractor on the green grass, catching bugs and running around, enjoying the outside air.

peeps inside greenhouse

It is always fun when a plan works. Happy peeps and a lower electric bill, Yeahh!

What creative ways do you raise peeps??

Some other articles we have written about Broilers:

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Enjoying the Sun and Sap!


84 degrees….well in the greenhouse at least, ( 38 outside ) made it a good day to clean up and get ready for the coming season.

greenhouse 2014

Planted lettuce and spinach.

While doing some general yard clean-up I thought that I might give a couple of pointers about what type of ground to look (or not look) for if you are wanting to homestead.


When looking for land make sure it is southern facing. Or you will have snow long after everyone else is thawed. Ok if, you like to ski, not so good if you need it for pasture. (Live and learn) Another thing to look at is if it has a spring, like ours does. I will admit that I really liked the idea of the babbling brook in my backyard, the soothing sound of water, aahhh. Then it rained and my babbling brook turned into a raging rapid taking everything in its path. I do still enjoy the steam and we have learned to be prepared for the rain. (Live and learned)

Our new project this year is Maple syrup. A friend of ours bought my husband some spiles (sap spouts) for tapping the trees. So we found these twin maples up in the woods and drilled the holes as directed, hung the clean jugs.

sap drip

twin maples

And had 2 gallons of sap the next day,( WOW ) sounds like a lot but once you get done boiling it down, which we will do on the wood stove, we will have about 1 pint of syrup. Can’t wait to taste it!

I found these guys enjoying the sun as much as I was!

Red and Rox

Have a Sunny Day!!