Roller Pigeons

Roller Pigeons are so grand the way they stand


When on the roof top they dance and coo

In flight they soar so high

Almost as if they are dancing in the air

Then suddenly they flip down,

So quickly that it looks like they forgot to fly


Then back to the roof top to show off their dance to the ladies.

Back in the coop the young ones play


Not yet ready to go outside

The Dads keep watch on them and on the eggs

While the ladies are out spreading their wings.

Then night time falls Mom takes over

Sitting and tending to the eggs

Then  18  days of taking turns

Mom at night, Dad at Day

They hatch, with a face only a mother could Love


Baby pigeons




Those blacken eyes and long beaks and pink featherless bodies

Turn quickly into a beautiful pigeon

To take flight, to the roof top to dance and coo….