Two Picture Tuesday 4/12/16

Happy Tuesday Everybody,


Mason Bee Condos

It’s that time of year for the Mason Bees to become active. Check Out my DIY Project for more info on these great bees and how to make the condos.


Purple Martin Hose

Got the birdhouses all cleaned and ready to go. To see what was in them last click here.

See you next week! Lynn


Two Picture Tuesday 4/05/16

Happy Tuesday Everyone,

Hens at work


Delaware Hen


Hen in Nest Box

Hen in Nest Box

Thanks for stopping by.  See you next week, Lynn

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Two Picture Tuesday 3/29

Happy Tuesday everyone,

Last week we celebrated National Dog Day. And our dogs enjoyed their day in the woods.


Our Dogs, Missy & Scioto the Collies on the left, Willow our Hound on the right


Highest point in our Township

We went to the top of our property which just happens to border the highest point in our township. Always found it interesting that our house sits in one of the lowest points and the property ends near the highest.

See you next week, Lynn